Making a bridge between Citizens and Government

We design and implement representative-based and direct-to-beneficiary welfare scheme linkage programs for corporates, NGOs, philanthropies and government departments Training field cadres as last-mile support representative — ‘Aakansha’ — who provide application support services to communities for a fee. They use the Aakansha app for implementation.

Aakansha trains field cadres as last mile representative. This cadre screens community members to discover eligibility for welfare schemes using the Aakansha

Once the eligibility check is completed, the Aakansha provides detailed information about welfare schemes and documents to the citizen.

Next, the Aakansha provides end-to-end application support including document checks, filling forms and submission of the application to relevant departments. A nominal service fee—which the portal recommends—is charged to the citizen.

The Aakansha tracks the application till the citizen receives the benefits. Grievance redressals processes are initiated in case of delays